Agenda of the 7th ECITL 2014 in Dortmund



Friday, 7th of November 2014



  Day 3  

Industry Day 2

  9:00   Introduction   Jens Schumacher, Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences
  9:05   Announcement ECITL 2015  
    Future Logistics and Supply Chain Management Perspectives   Moderator: Rod Franklin, K&N
  9:15   Social Responsibility: dilemmas and challenges for Supply Chains? (PDF)   Kulwant S. Pawar, University of Nottingham
  9:35   duisport – Research Activities on Innovative Solutions for Intermodal Transports (PDF)   Markus Bangen, Port of Duisburg (Duisburger Hafen AG)
  9:55   From ideas to implementation: transport innovation in Sweden (PDF)   Rein Jüriado, Vinnova - Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems
  10:15   Round Table / Interactive Discussion  
  10:35   Coffee Break & booth presentation
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  10:30   Parallel Sessions
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    Parallel A
Green Transport Logistics

Moderator: Uwe Clausen, Fraunhofer IML
  Parallel B
Security in Logisitcs

Moderator: Zeljko Jeftic
    Opening & Introduction

Uwe Clausen, Fraunhofer IML
  Opening & Introduction

Zeljko Jeftic, IRU Projects
    Beyond EN 16528 - towards a global standardisation of the calculation of CO2 emissions along supply chains (PDF)

Verena Ehrler, German Aerospace Center (DLR)
  Introducing CO-GISTICS (PDF)

Lina Konstantinopoulou, ERTICO
    Ports and Terminals in the view of emissions (PDF)

Reiner Buhl, Fraunhofer CML
  Architecture (PDF)

Germán Herrero, ATOS Research
    CO2 calculator for intermodal terminals (PDF)

Uwe Sondermann, Kombi-Consult
  the CO-GISTICS services

Ralf Willenbrock, T-Systems
    Green Logistics - Comparability of the Environmental Effects of Logistics Services (PDF)

David Rüdiger, Fraunhofer IML
  The evaluation (PDF)

Georgia Aifantopoulou, CERTH - Centre of Research and Technology Hellas
    Round Table / Interactive Discussion

  The Trieste Business Case (PDF)

Walter Ukovich, ICOOR

  Round Table / Interactive Discussion

  12:45   Coffee Break
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  12:30   Parallel Sessions
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    Parallel A
Internet of Things

Moderator: Florent Frederix, EU Commission
  Parallel B
ICT needs of SMEs in the Logistics and Transport industries

Moderator: Fernando Liesa, ENIDE
  12:45   Opening & Introduction (PDF)

Florent Frederix, EU Commission
  Opening & Introduction

Fernando Liesa, ENIDE
  12:50   LogiCon: involving Freelance Truck Drivers and very small transport operators in the logistics information flow (PDF)

David Quesada, ENIDE
  The need for change in logistics operations (PDF)

Rod Franklin, Kuehne Logistics University
  13:15   RFID in Rail (PDF)

Lennart Andersson, Trafikverket Sweden
  LogiCon: involving small and medium transport operators (PDF)

Stefano Persi, Enide
  13:40   How the IDENTEC I-CHEM Active-RFID Solution Saves Time and Money for Chemical Logistics Facilities by Managing Truck Traffic (PDF)

Herbert Hohmann, Identec Solutions AG
  The role of new technology for logistics operations (PDF)

Andreas Nettsträter, Fraunhofer IML
  14:05   Round Table / Interactive Discussion

  Round Table / Interactive Discussion

  14:30   Highlights / Summary of the 7th ECITL & Lunch Break / End of the 7th ECITL
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