Agenda of the 7th ECITL 2014 in Dortmund



Wednesday, 5th of November 2014



  Day 1  

Scientific Day

  12:30   Welcome   Jens Schumacher, Uwe Clausen, Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, Fraunhofer IML
  12:40   Welcome & Opening   Günther Horzetzky, Ministry of Economics, Energy, Industry, SME, and Trade
  13:00   Opening & Key Note   Chang Yoon Seok, Florent Frederix, Korea Aerospace University, European Commission
  13:30   Parallel Sessions
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    Parallel A

Moderator: Chang Yook Seok, Korea Aerospace University
  Parallel B

Moderator: Uwe Clausen, Fraunhofer IML
  12:30   Roadmap towards a smart logistics ecosystem

W. J. (Wout) Hofman
  A Simulation-based Decision Support Framework for Real-Time Supply Chain Risk Management (PDF)

Mustafa Güller
  13:55   Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems for freight transport

Josep Maria Salanova
  Safety & Security in Land Transportation (PDF)

Joachim Kochsiek
  14:20   Discrete Event Simulation as a Strategic Decision Instrument for a CO2- and Cost-efficient Distribution Chain Applied in the FMCG Sector

Markus Rabe
  Risk Assessment Profiling Procedure (RAPP) for Air Cargo Security (PDF)

Doron Levy
  14:45   Decentralized Approach to Logistics Execution Monitoring in Multi-actor Network

Eetu Pilli-Sihvola
  Emergency Sourcing Risk Mitigation Strategies for the Supply Chain of a Discrete Part Manufacturer

Iakovou Eleftherios
  15:10   Coffee Break
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    Parallel A

Moderator: Florian Maurer, Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences
  Parallel B

Moderator: Bernhard Holtkamp
  15:30   Interoperability in Supply Chain and Logistics. What can the Common Framework offer? – A scientific evaluation

Hans Westerheim
  A Software Architecture for a Transportation Control Tower (PDF)

Remco Dijkman
  15:55   Network Structures and Decentralized Control in Logistics: Topology, Interfaces, and Dynamics

Till Becker
  Unleashing the ICT potential in the complex digital business ecosystem of international trade: The case of fresh fruit import to European Union (PDF)

Yao-Hua Tan
  16:20   A Study on the ejecting zones for automatic picking system in pharmaceutical industry

N. U. Kim
  A Study of building a New Warehouse Control System Architecture (PDF)

D.W. Son
  17:30   Cultural Visit // Come Together Event
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