Agenda of the 6th ECITL 2013 in Zaragoza



Wednesday, 23rd of October 2013



  Day 1  

Scientific Day

    Introduction / Session Settings

Emilio Larrode
  Introduction / Session Settings

Bernhard Holtkamp
  12:30   Public-Private Partnership for Coordinated Supply Chain Risk Management (PDF)

Marcel van Oosterhout
  A service-oriented platform to achieve collaboration in the supply chain (PDF)

David Ciprés
  13:00   Business Intelligence for Improving Supply Chain Risk Management (PDF)

Lingzhe Liu
  Design of SmartGate Technologies for Enhanced Material Handling (PDF)

Michael Lütjen
  13:30   A synergy based method for designing ITS services (PDF)

Shoaib Bakhtyar
  RFID Technology Adoption In Third Logistic Operators: A Multiple Case Study (PDF)

José Antonio Alfaro
  14:00   A Framework for Green Transport Logistics Process Design using best practice repositories and case based reasoning

Bill Karakostas
  T-TRANS - Enhancing the transfer of intelligent transport systems (ITS) innovations to the market (PDF)

Susanne Kellberg
  14:30   Coffee Break
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  15:00   Logistics optimization by the use of truck FCD – enhanced routing for heavy goods vehicles (PDF)

Michael Schygulla
  FREVUE: Freight Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe (PDF)

Jorge Leon
  15:30   Architecture vision for an Open Service Cloud for the smart car in logistics (PDF)

Martin Birkmeier
  ICT for cooperative supply chain visibility within a port centric  intermodal setting: The case of the Thessaloniki port-rail-dryport integration (PDF)

Eliza Gagatsi
  16:00   Towards an IT infrastructure for compliance management by data interoperability – the changing role of authorities (PDF)

Wout Hofman
  Spanish Port Hinterland Intermodal Information – FUTUREMED Pilot (PDF)

Susana Val
  16:30   L/SH drivers’ work outside the cab: From ergonomics and accident statistics analyses to participatory development and future scenarios (PDF)

Arto Reiman
  Intelligent Logistics Zones: An ultimate vision of efficient, safe, and transparent logistics infrastructure

Saira Saleem Pathan
  17:00   Cultural Visit - Aljaferia Zaragoza
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  19:30   Come Together Event - NH Grand Hotel Zaragoza
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