Proceedings of the 4rd ECITL 2011 in Thessaloniki.


13th of October 2011

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  8:30 - 19:00  

Registration at Floor -1 (Conference Area)

  Day 1  

Keynotes: Intelligence and Interoperability in Freight Transport and Logistics

      Room Maistros A  
  09:00   Bringing Intelligence and Interoperability to Freight Transport and Logistics   Jens Schumacher (Coordinator),
George Giannopoulos (Local Host)
  09:20   ICT Contribution to Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction (PDF)   N. Simou, Kuehne + Nagel AE, Greece  
  09:40   Actual Situation and Master Plan for the Development of the Supply Chain Market in Greece (PDF)   Sotirios Trichas, Elliniki Etaireia Logistics (Greek Logistics Association)  
  10:00   Innovation and Supply Chain Management: A Catalyst for Entrepreneurial Development (PDF)   El. Iakovou, AUTH (Greek Association for Supply Chain Management)  
  10:20   Advances in Research for Intelligent Logistics   Joost de-Bock, EC DG RTD  
  10:35   Natural Gas as a fuel for Transport and Logistic applications   Stefanos Economidis, Deputy Division Head Strategy & Business Development  
      Moderation: George Giannopoulos, CERTH
  10:50   Coffee break
  11:15   Common Framework for ICT in Transport
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      Room Maistros A  
  11:15   Common Framework: Purpose and Objectives   Wolfgang Höfs, EC DG INFSO  
  11:30   Status of Framework Development (PDF)   Frank Knoors, LOGiT Systems  
  11:45   Deployment on the Market (PDF)   Paolo Paganelli, Insiel  
  12:00   Roundtable: Industrial relevance of the Common Framework   Moderator: Margherita Forcolin, Insiel  
  13:00   Lunch (Fingerfood in the Foyer)
  14:30   Parallel Sessions
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      Room Sirocco   Room Zephyros
      Parallel A: Security
Moderator: Georgia Ayfantopoulou, CERTH/HIT
  Parallel B: Intelligent Cargo
Moderator: Peter Sonnabend, DHL
  14:30   Supply Chain Visibility Enhancing Security & Efficiency
Frank Arendt, ISL (PDF)
  14:30 Implications of Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control on Long Distance Haulage Trucks Traffic Flow
Stephan Müller, DLR
Axel Wolfermann, DLR (PDF)
  15:00   Current DHS Container Security Technology Advancements for Global Supply Chain Security
David Taylor, Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology Directorate (DHS S&T) (PDF)
  15:10 Information Technologies for Collaborative Supply Chains
Javier Val, Instituto Tecnologico de Aragon (PDF)
  15:30   Customs Initiatives for Securing Global Trade
Frank Verbeeck, Belgian Customs (PDF)
  15:35 Logistics Services
Stina Apel, Volvo (PDF)
  16:00   Discussion: Security 16:00 Discussion: Intelligent Cargo  
  16:15   Coffee break
  16:45   Results from Research - triggering Innovation
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      Room Sirocco   Room Zephyros
      Smart-CM Roadmap of technical solutions towards the market
Introduction and moderation:
Joost de Bock, EC DG RTD
  EURIDICE - Technical achievements & Pilot Cases
Introduction and moderation:
Wolfgang Höfs, EC DG INFSO
  17:00   SMART-CM achievements
Georgia Aifadopoulou, HIT (PDF)
  17:00 EURIDICE technical results
Margherita Forcolin, Insiel (PDF)
  17:15   SMART-CM Technology results
Bernard Vanhoorde, DESCARTES SA, George Tsoukos, TREDIT SA (PDF)
  17:30 EURIDICE Industrial results
Donatella Vedovato, VIU (PDF)
  17:45   Added value of SMART-CM for the Industry & adoption parameters:
-Logistics Industry perspective (Alexander Benesch, K&N) (PDF)
-Technology provider's perspective (Hubert Libert, EDC) (PDF)
-Possible Business models (Frank Knoors) (PDF)
  18:00 Pilot Cases Testimonials
-Intelligent Cargo Application in a intermodal operator (Bernd Ahlfors, Searail) (PDF)
-Making Transports smart - the Gebrüder Weiss Euridice Pilot (Andreas Pichler, GW) (PDF)
  18:30   Discussion   18:30 Exploitation opportunities
Paolo Paganelli, Insiel (PDF)
  19:00   End of Day 1
  21:00   Gala Dinner
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